Urban walk to panoramic view – final

Afstudeerproject voor The Design Academy in Eindhoven. Werkatelier in Belgrado, Joegoslavië (21 april -5 mei 2001) n.a.v. bestaand onderzoek illegaal tweedehands verkoop (wat, waar, wie, hoe) in Belgrado na de burgeroorlog (1991-1999) en afscheiding van Slovenië, Kroatië, Bosnië en Kosovo.

“By following the stream of people starting from the bus sation, one can experience a great cross section of the city of Belgrade. As a reward one will get a beautiful panoramic view of the city.
Analysing this specific route led to a variety of maps and models (made out of materials found at the site), each with a different subject: plan, unfolded plan, timetable, shadow, stream of people, heartbeat, altitude, inventory of the street trade, nightlights and photographs. At one point this route is interrupted: it is not clear where to go. By analysing the missing ingredients at this point of the route, first, it becomes evident that at night there’s not enough light in the street to be an attractive passage. Second, one can see that at the traffic junction (pedestians and public transport) there’s lack of shadow. When walking this route one can notice old ladies selling their knitting work in the park. This typical Belgrades knitting work was used as an icon and applied in two different ways: the first solution was to create a route by light. This is done by painting knitted rugs (using reflecting road-paint) on the spots where street-sellers can sell their merchandise during the day. At night the rugs light up under the streetlights and create an evident and attractive indicator fot the passage. The second solution is to create a route by using shadow. To do so the same knitted rug was enlarged and used as a sunshade above the crossing, creating in this way an unexpected shadow image.”

Materialisering: Houten constructie met loden bekleding. Schaal 1:200. Tegels 40x40cm beschilderd met wegmarkeringsverf. Schaal 1:1.

DA-Belgrado 4 schaduw  DA-Belgrado 3 reflectie  DA-Belgrado 2  DA-Belgrado kleedje